Along came a spider Named malice She was lured down a hole By a snake disguised as heaven She tried to drag me with her But forgot that I don’t slither Now she is withered In web covered hell Nothing left but a shell Of what she used to be A stranger  



I guess I have decided That I was too much for you That must be why you left It took some time for me to grieve After all, I told you my secrets Trusted you with all of my heart But I’m okay now I’ve learned who and what is important to me And now … Continue reading Uninvited

Dream Machine

Adapt Adjust Master manipulator Captain courageous Bodies hidden in the basement Self-effacement Faking a fairy tale Skipped out on bail Constant craving Lil red raven High school shit Cosplaying commitment What are you asking for anyway? Above the fray Tragic temptation Neanderthal nation Designed for safety Fake and flaky I have no problem making a … Continue reading Dream Machine