Beauty and Bruises

  If you can no longer handle my truth If you can no longer handle my voice If you can longer handle my strength If you can no longer handle my beauty If you can no longer handle my bruises You no longer get to be in in my tribe Advertisements

Heart of Gold

Another great quote for those of us that are struggling to understand the loss of friendships and relationships when we are chronically ill. There are a lot of us, which means that it is possible to find new people who can understand, lift us up and stand beside us. We deserve better and we have…… Continue reading Heart of Gold


You think you got me this time, don’t you? Sadistic, sketchy, smooth son of a bitch. Pushing me from behind Bashing my face into boundaries I set in stone. Pile it on. Pound my head for the millionth time. You think that will stop me? Pain is my middle name. You forgot about the mountains…… Continue reading Slay

Don’t Give Up

  Merbear74 at Knocked Over by a Feather, has been posting a video a day and has inspired me to post another one of my favorite songs and videos. This video is by Sia, featuring Kendrick Lamar and dancer, Maddie Ziegler and was dedicated to the victims of the Orlando night club shooting. The video alone…… Continue reading Don’t Give Up