Mono no Aware

I made a mistake. Fallout from damage past. The trauma endured caused me to react, fight or flee. When a man comes at me, to bully or overtake. My brain doesn’t stop to think, it is triggered. I’m unaware of the direction it will take. Once the panic abates, heartbeat moderates, I see the mistake. … Continue reading Mono no Aware

Love Letters

A few simple words Jotted down in a hurry Unaware of the power Upon my broken heart How does he know The right words to say That waking in the morn Is equal to rising from grave Pain speaks first Sleep cemented my bones I can’t possibly keep pace Fear voices out Don’t go out … Continue reading Love Letters

Momentary Detour from the Usual

Have you ever wished you could live in a different world? I like to watch silly sit-coms as a way to distract myself from myself. And I have decided that I want to live in Seinfeld world. Their world is full of laughter and true unconditional friendship. Each character’s unique personalities, quirks and faux-pas are … Continue reading Momentary Detour from the Usual

Sharing is Caring – a beautiful poem written by TheFeatheredSleep

No it is not bitter when I tell you she survived in spite of your carefully crafted Titanic you set on smooth waters ushered her near purchased her passage set her sail and whilst she floated thinking life jackets unnecessary you put pins in them as you would her soul and the part that aches […] … Continue reading Sharing is Caring – a beautiful poem written by TheFeatheredSleep