Wonderful video/song by one of my favorite artists and a nice follow-up of my previous post about the passage of time. If you have the chance to see Eddie Vedder or Pearl Jam you should do it!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QO191imv0s Such is the way of the world You can never know Just where to put all…… Continue reading Rise


You think you got me this time, don’t you? Sadistic, sketchy, smooth son of a bitch. Pushing me from behind Bashing my face into boundaries I set in stone. Pile it on. Pound my head for the millionth time. You think that will stop me? Pain is my middle name. You forgot about the mountains…… Continue reading Slay

Maybe Tomorrow

Today I need to be strong Wait it out, wish it out I live within a box, within a box, within a box And open one after another Patiently, quietly Questioning Whatever the next one brings Until there are none left Today, tomorrow, next year, never I’ll wake with confusion To find Just me Visible…… Continue reading Maybe Tomorrow

All of this Time

All of this time Through sweat soaked nightmares And shivering daylight blur I’m pitiful and cry and wonder why I’m broken, cracked and crumbling Pieces of me shedding and molting Ugly, bare, crooked and revolting Is it possible that this is meant to be A new and hopeful reality This sloughing off of the old…… Continue reading All of this Time

Open the Door

  This quote appeared in my Facebook feed yesterday. I won’t name the site, but it is a site that is supposed to support people with mental health issues. Well, it didn’t help or support me, to say the least. In fact, it made me quite angry. It reminded me of the previous post I…… Continue reading Open the Door