Lean Into It

Time Birth and death Obscure relevance And the space between Springing from earth surging strength Silver moments silently stolen by steaming sun Washed away in rushing rivers and rancid remains Sweetness sucked and sent back to sanctified Source Seeping memory reminders of revelry and rage Quivering thoughts of beginning and end Survive on sacrifice Wallow…… Continue reading Lean Into It


You think you got me this time, don’t you? Sadistic, sketchy, smooth son of a bitch. Pushing me from behind Bashing my face into boundaries I set in stone. Pile it on. Pound my head for the millionth time. You think that will stop me? Pain is my middle name. You forgot about the mountains…… Continue reading Slay


Stretching silently towards the skies Light lingers as I close my eyes Warm sun seeps deep, a savior for souls Wind whispers wellness within Hues of health breath into my broken heart Sweet songs settle softly in the air Adoring aromas aggregate upon my skin And weigh me down Long enough to let light in…… Continue reading Refuge