I guess I have decided That I was too much for you That must be why you left It took some time for me to grieve After all, I told you my secrets Trusted you with all of my heart But I’m okay now I’ve learned who and what is important to me And now … Continue reading Uninvited


Smoke and Mirrors

Divinity reaches down from the sky, or maybe right up through the ground, there really isn’t any way to tell, it happens so fast, the rug gets pulled out from under me, my soul is wearing thin and my heart is quaking from everything unknown. The sun isn’t really rising and setting, we’re spinning around … Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors

Howl at the Moon

I opened the door Unfettered And stepped nonchalantly Wrapped in warmth Sun on my skin Lavender breeze Naive and susceptible To harsh reality Expecting a reflection of similarity Sublime in simplicity But this A universe completely foreign Blinded by the light Burned in flames of the uncaring Indifferent and detached Love seems so easy Look … Continue reading Howl at the Moon