This Bugs Me

I’ve been burnt so many times By the lure of bright burning flame No one but myself to blame I can’t hold back the urge Hoping for an energy surge My edges are getting singed And I’ve ruined my dress fringe But damn I want to go again So bad my mouth begins to froth…… Continue reading This Bugs Me


Pull yourself together they tell me Tilting my head slightly Secretly afraid it will detach completely How embarrassing watching it roll I’m not sure which parts to grab Let alone how to reattach them I’m already floating around A failed attempt to stay grounded I thought I looked quite rounded Now I am utterly astounded…… Continue reading Futility


Stretching silently towards the skies Light lingers as I close my eyes Warm sun seeps deep, a savior for souls Wind whispers wellness within Hues of health breath into my broken heart Sweet songs settle softly in the air Adoring aromas aggregate upon my skin And weigh me down Long enough to let light in…… Continue reading Refuge

Silent Destruction

Stylish and functional Vacancy and happiness Whilst having too much to drink Causing you to get mugged Ditch the generic They like to work In sterile environments Reported missing From years gone by Open for business If you’re in the market Home security system sale For the private and self-absorbed Who only perpetuate the problem…… Continue reading Silent Destruction


My essence hungers To vibrate in harmony Echoes of dissonance Incessant internal army Controversy occludes peace Develop in utter destruction A seed Endeavoring to express Beauty in bloom And must come Completely Undone


“Men imagine that the choices before them are theirs to make. But we are free to act only upon what is given. Choice is lost in the maze of generations and each act in that maze is itself an enslavement for it voids every alternate and binds one ever more tightly in to the constraints…… Continue reading Choices