Truth and Lies (and how I survive)

I hear a lot of advice from people about how the key to health is to stay positive and count your blessings. You can choose to be sad or choose to be happy. You can choose to dwell on your pain or choose to focus on your abilities. Maybe, but walk in my shoes and…… Continue reading Truth and Lies (and how I survive)


We see We are the sane ones   The truth seers The rest live lives With schedules to keep Appointments to make Work to complete Meals to fix Houses to clean Unaware Unable to see The reality of the world We share Your vision is limited A full set of armor Shields the truth  …… Continue reading See


There are monsters in the closet The little girl cries You soothed her with promises To comfort her puerile fears The mother can’t see The way the little girl sees All the reassurances Sidestep the pictures she holds In her trembling heart There are no monsters Just go to sleep The sandman is coming He…… Continue reading Monster

Sharing is Caring – a beautiful poem written by TheFeatheredSleep

No it is not bitter when I tell you she survived in spite of your carefully crafted Titanic you set on smooth waters ushered her near purchased her passage set her sail and whilst she floated thinking life jackets unnecessary you put pins in them as you would her soul and the part that aches […]…… Continue reading Sharing is Caring – a beautiful poem written by TheFeatheredSleep

I’m a loser, baby.

I have no idea how I am still standing. How is it even possible to keep going when I am carrying so much? I beg my husband to tell me the truth. There has to be something more wrong with me, something I just can’t see. I mean, besides what is obvious to me. I…… Continue reading I’m a loser, baby.


I told you all my secrets. Secrets tightly locked away, the key hidden just below the surface, barely visible through my smile. Pledges made, secrets revealed, you promised to help me hold myself up. Lies hidden under your surface, barely visible through your smile. I reach for your hand, freely given with vows, our fingertips…… Continue reading Promises

Fire and Ice

I am finally at a place in my life when I feel like I got it. Go ahead, throw it at me. My shields are strong. The flames from the past are distinguished; the scars help me remember that I am a fighter. I have battled and I have won. I know contentment, confidence, and…… Continue reading Fire and Ice