To Mental Illness and Chronic Pain, I’m writing to you regarding all of your most recent bullshit. I have had enough. I want to punch you in the face. Kick you in the gut. Slice you to pieces. Leave you bleeding on the curb. I hate you with every ounce of my being. How is…… Continue reading Fight

I Want the Days Back

I want the days back   The days that were pure When happiness was simple and clear When nothing else mattered No darkness could find its way Rainbows and sunshine Too bright for any thing but light Days filled with babies Everything shining brand new Cuddles and gentle kisses Tickles and raspberries Crayons and glue…… Continue reading I Want the Days Back

Well, Shit

she lives in a world pieced together with scraps of fantasies dreams nightmares and fears it’s the collection she has carried with her since before she was born it came embedded in her DNA sent along with the atrocities her parents once bore and where ever she went she picked up more a magnet for…… Continue reading Well, Shit

The Holy Dwells in Dark Places

(Prompt from Suzi Banks Baum @   When you lie in the dark Through sunset and sunrise Chalk ticks on the walls Marking time in your cell As if there would be an end Or that moments matter Forced into solitude Not by choice or free will Your only comrades The devils on guard…… Continue reading The Holy Dwells in Dark Places

My Sweet Girl

Finding contentment can be a struggle for me. I know we all struggle on some level. We are all at the mercy of the cards we’re dealt. Unfortunately, some of us end up with a crappy hand. My cards include mental and chronic illness and when those are added to the regular deck, well, it just…… Continue reading My Sweet Girl

Sharing this strong message from Journey Toward Healing.

Stranger In This World This is something I wrote on the 15th March 2016, and stumbled upon today. It applies just as much now as it did back then. Where do I belong? Why do I have this constant yearning to be anywhere bu… Source: Stranger In This World