Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: 1WiseWoman/Despite Darkness

Originally posted on Brave and Reckless:
Everywhere I look There are people Who don’t want to be here Distracted by daily routines Lost among the sheep Devoured by darkness Complacency kills So many ways to leave the moment Rabidly awaiting revered rapture Golden light is coveted The secret has already been discovered And is standing…


  Don’t be surprised When you find yourself in a coma Blinded and caught up in you Walked out in the street and got run over Dropping names Doesn’t bring any fame Can’t remember me We’ve known each other since we were young Yet my secrets slip right off your tongue Call yourself grounded Six-pack…… Continue reading Throne

March Madness Top Ten: Marching in Madness & March Madness/1Wise-Woman

Originally posted on Sudden Denouement Literary Collective:
Two writers who submitted to the March Madness Divergent Literature Contest had not one but two pieces in our top ten.  Today we present two pieces from 1Wise-Woman Marching in Madness Dwelling on the brink of madness morphing magic tricks mind over matter universal force fed famine ravaging…

Heart of Gold

Another great quote for those of us that are struggling to understand the loss of friendships and relationships when we are chronically ill. There are a lot of us, which means that it is possible to find new people who can understand, lift us up and stand beside us. We deserve better and we have…… Continue reading Heart of Gold