Grieving the Living

The following is a full copy of the article that I referenced in my last post, Mono no Aware. Perhaps it will shed some light on why I love this phrase and why it inspired me to write about it. My best friend for over twenty years recently left me, although she is still alive. … Continue reading Grieving the Living

Mono no Aware

I made a mistake. Fallout from damage past. The trauma endured caused me to react, fight or flee. When a man comes at me, to bully or overtake. My brain doesn’t stop to think, it is triggered. I’m unaware of the direction it will take. Once the panic abates, heartbeat moderates, I see the mistake. … Continue reading Mono no Aware

Cannot breathe

Please read another beautiful poem from THEFEATHEREDSLEEP


12809596_1413579175413678_4036998646343994268_nGood bye. Two words. Easily said

impossible to mend a ravaged soul

take a photo of grief she may hide in plain sight

a snapshot in time does not a story tell

one great smile and everything is assumed well

even we, reminiscing glaze over story’s end

maybe it’s for the best …

making memories to endear rather than ravage

such the way of humanity and its glitter ball


beneath the smile, as bright as ever was

more luminous and beautiful perhaps

for undercurrent of savage sorrow

you were crawling out of your mind

it seems an offense to forget

under widest grins we suffer in silence

touched by the same unspeakable sin

of feeling too much in a world favoring compartments

for on the appointed day the photographer says

cheese! and on auto pilot I grin with every ounce of fake

afterward he exclaims, you can see…

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