“What deity in the realms of dementia, what rabid god decocted out of the smoking lobes of hydrophobia could have devised a keeping place for souls so poor as is this flesh. This mawky worm-bent tabernacle.”
Cormac McCarthy, Suttree

Laurie Wise is a member of Sudden Denouement – A Global Divergent Literary Collective, Blood into Ink and Whisper and the Roar. Her poetry has been published in several anthologies. She is hope in human form, dangling her feet in flames to appease the hellhounds of mental illness.

From the author:
I write about life with chronic pain and mental illness. I am a survivor of domestic violence and have battled mental illness for years. Recently, I was also diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. In addition to my blog, I am also a curator at Blood into Ink,  Whisper and the Roar and a member of Sudden Denouement – A Literary Collective.