Squire…-Eric Syrdal

Beautiful truth by Eric on Whisper and the Roar

Whisper and the Roar

Squire ES

without a word
I gently laid
the last
of her armor
on the ground
it had been hours since
we had started talking
and I could see
little by little
she began to remove it
piece by piece
unbuckling leather straps
and sliding off sleeves of mail
I, understanding the ceremony
involved in this
and the sanctity of this place
I, fell into my role
taking the pieces one by one
carefully cleaning and mending them
by the light of our conversation
reverently arranging them
before her
so that she may don them
at any time
my labor complete
it would have been easy
to get lost in the sight of her there
to drown in the depths of her eyes
as she spoke about the things
that clawed at the walls of her heart
to focus on
some curvaceous part of her
that was only a moment ago

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