Under the Influence

Frigid fog Relentlessly rising From warm mother Loyal as a dog Turns to ice When it touches my skin Promises spliced Into lapsed life Secrets buried Flashback of Drugged days Bitter taste Anemic amnesiac Miss you Let’s get together soon Sweet solicitations Remember me Drown me Choking on vows Cotton in my mouth Rabid teeth…… Continue reading Under the Influence

Subterranean Novellas – Aurora Phoenix

Originally posted on A Global Divergent Literary Collective:
he is sleeping fetally curled as the narrow bench allows hairily bedraggled a forlorn green bean hopelessly lost in a crisper corner. insensible to the hubbub lurch oblivious sea legs unconscious. his story has uncracked bindings though I inescapably draft this chapter unimaginatively entitled “homeless” subtitled survival…