Blood Into Ink Writing Contest: Deadline Extended until Friday, December 10th

Writing contest extension… A great opportunity to be part of a wonderful community of writers!

Brave & Reckless

In order to give people a little more time to submit writing during the busy holiday season, the curators of Blood Into Ink have extended the contest submission deadline to Sunday, December 10th.

Blood Into Ink, a safe space for survivors of trauma/abuse, has been deeply moved by the national embrace of the #MeToo Campaign. #MeToo has provided a way for women and men to tell their truths about their experiences with sexual assault and/or harassment in a way that feels comfortable to them. We believe that breaking the silence and telling these stories matters. To honor this campaign, Blood Into Ink is holding a #MeToo Writing Contest to recruit new writers for the Collective.  We welcome submissions about all forms of trauma: child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, natural disaster, addiction, mental health, etc.– whatever you have survived that has shaped you.

Prompt: #MeToo

Formats accepted: Poem…

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