Magpie in August – A Review

Great review of Magpie in August by the amazing Kindra!


So, this is my first official review of a book, ever. To be honest, I’m a little concerned about how it will work out, but let’s get past the nervousness and move on, shall we? After all, this isn’t a high school dance.
Kindra M Austin’s book, Magpie in August, is a work of deep thought. It takes you on a journey that will touch your soul, and make you ask important questions about your own goals in life. It follows the story of Magpie Carey, a girl who’s life is sort of a mess, as she works through her own personal demons and difficulties in a way that only she can: she goes on a road trip with her mother. Along this winding road trip, Magpie learns that the best way to forgive someone else is to forgive yourself. Life doesn’t always give you the best hand of cards…

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