The way

Beautiful piece by Candice  ❤


You can take away my last wrapping

That I am lain unclothed, on that unwilling baptism

Behoven to the whim of mankind’s mercy


Whether chance shall triumph

Playing her arched long game in red taffeta


The turn of weather vein encompassed betwixt fate

For surely

It rains where rain is least required

As once verdant lands, feathery and skeletal in need

Their leathered thirst a distant drum beat

We may rend our chests in trying to reconcile

What seems without mercy

As the seeds dry before they reach


As the sun turns away from its hungered crop

As a girl is dragged off, just for showing the ragged hem of her ankle

We who comprise of water and salt

Sweeten nothing if spent in pursuit of filched agrandisement

Forgetful of those who once were brothers, sisters

Pausing toil to climb the jagged mountain

Sharing water beneath…

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Blood Into Ink Writing Contest

A great opportunity!

Blood Into Ink


Blood Into Ink, a safe space for survivors of trauma/abuse, has been deeply moved by the national embrace of the #MeToo  Campaign.  #MeToo has provided a way for women and men to tell their truths about their experiences with sexual assault and/or harassment in a way that feels  comfortable to them. We believe that breaking the silence and telling  these stories matters. To honor this campaign, Blood Into Ink is holding  a #MeToo Writing Contest to recruit new writers for the Collective.

We welcome submissions about all forms of trauma: child abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, natural disaster, addiction, mental health, etc.– whatever you have survived that has shaped you.

Prompt: #MeToo

Formats accepted: Poem, prose, fiction, essay, spoken word or video*

More than 50 words; Less than 750


1st place Membership as a Curator in the Blood Into Ink Collective.  The winning entry will be published on…

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How to Join Whisper and the Roar or Submit Guest Writing

Brave & Reckless

Are you a fan of exceptional writing? Are you a writer of poetry, prose, essay or short fiction?  Do you consider yourself a feminist?

Whisper and the Roar is currently recruiting new Collective Members as well as guest writers.

Submission Guidelines for Whisper and the Roar:

  • Send up to 3 pieces of original writing in either PDF or Word document attached to an email that includes your real name as well as the name you publish your writing under.  Although we prefer previously unpublished work, we will consider published work as long as it has ONLY been published on a blog. You must own the rights to any work you submit to Whisper and the Roar
  • Include a brief biography that includes a link to your website/social media site where readers can go to read more of your writing.
  • Please attach a suggested image for each piece of writing that you submit
  • Understand that you…

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AFFLICTION – Kindra M. Austin

Get out of the way – Kindra’s kicking ass today on Sudden Denouement!

Sudden Denouement Collective

What do you mean to me? No

goddamned clue. But I know I’m

in deep blue like with you, boy,

when you stand on the corner

of nineteen hundred

and eighty-seven,

wearing black kohl eyes, and that

Robert Smith hair.

Toss me a menthol ciggie, then

take me by the hand;

pull me straight out of myself,

and into the back alley where

your beast heart beats. 

Let me smear your painted lips

with my gin soaked tongue—

you’re so fucking pretty.  

Make me the object

of your affliction.

Kindra M. Austin is an author (information on her book can be found here), artist, and a Sagittarius Valkyrie from the state of Michigan—Go Detroit Red Wings! She likes her drinks corpse stiff, music loud as fuck, and classic big block muscle cars. You can find her filing through the souls of the slain atpoems and…

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Great read by DamagedLuna!


I was born in August
All that means is that I have a burning fire inside my core
Along with my otherwise dismal personality

I was touched by an angel only once
The only problem was that I don’t always see things as they are
I’m trapped in a world of perception

I don’t know the language here
I wasn’t given the handbook on self-preservation
I opened up my fire to the unknown even with hesitation

You could say I was misguided, maybe even brave, but to put it simply
I wanted to believe in love
If I could describe myself in a word it would be foolish

I put all my cards out on the table in plain site
Each one placed face up with a piece of my soul
Plump for the taking

If Medusa placed her gaze upon me now she would be disappointed
You helped fill…

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A Journal for Damned Lovers Volume 2: Out Now!

Author S. K. Nicholas


The second volume of A Journal for Damned Lovers is now available to purchase from Amazon! It’s in physical format, with the Kindle version set to arrive at a later date.

I made a short video on YouTube where I share my thoughts and feelings regarding the occasion, as well as giving a reading of a piece taken from the second volume.

If you pick up a copy, then firstly, I thank you for your support, from the bottom of my weary heart, may I add, and secondly, I really do hope you enjoy reading it. A lot of effort has gone into making it as in-depth and immersive as possible, and as such, I’m confident it will take you on a journey. There’s a whole load of joy and despair within its pages, but ultimately, it’s a book about love, for lovers.

You can find the two ‘main’ links…

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Swear To Me is available for purchase!

Blood Into Ink


We pleased to announce that Nicholas Gagnier’s book Swear To Me is available for purchase on  In addition to many fine pieces written by Nicholas, this volume includes writing by Blood Into Ink Curators Rachel Finch, Kindra M. AustinSarah Doughty, Aurora PhoenixDom, 1Wise-Woman, Nathan McCool, andChristine RayOther contributors to this volume include such Friends of Blood Into Ink  Rana KellyEric SyrdalWard Clever,   Aakriti Kuntal, Lois E. Linkens, Olde PunkNathan McCool, andNicole Lyons

This volume explores what it is like to live with depression and other types of mental illness.  Profits from its sale will be donated to mental health organizations.  We are deeply honored to have been included in this volume and hope that you will consider purchasing a copy.

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Jesus Died for Somebody’s Sins

Wow yourself with Christine! This is no Whisper… this is the Roar!

Whisper and the Roar

Mother Mary

the sinners pray to me

asking me to forgive

their transgressions

their sins

as though I am holy

consecrated by the fire

washed clean in the blood

But Jesus and I never

ran in the same crowd

we didn’t pass a bottle of cheap

schnapps while parked in the Catholic  cemetery

shooting the shit in a rusty Chevy Nova

making out under small town stars

I never found god in the cardboard wafer

placed upon my tongue

by priests with too-tight white collars

who looked down on me

called me illegitimate

offspring of a whore

audacious enough

to marry a divorced Presbyterian

their own vices




throwing the first stone

gossiped openly about in the parking lot after Mass

do what I say, not as I do hypocrisy

still ringing in my ears as clearly as the amens

and halleluiahs

Don’t come looking to me


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Bobo Doll-Aurora Phoenix

Whisper and The Roar – Aurora Phoenix

Whisper and the Roar

Aurora Bobo Doll

Sucker punched, she is flattened

smashed to the pavement

time and time again.

Leaden-hearted yet buoyant

she rights herself

painted with plasticine smile.

Returns to proscribed place

submits to sanctioned

crushing anew.

Behind the mask she wonders

when will she be permitted to

stand her ground

assert her humanity

shout “Enough!”?

Aurora Phoenix is a wordsmithing oxymoron. Staid suburbanite cloaks a badass warrior wielding weapon grade phrases. Read more of her confabulations at Insights from “Inside.”

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