make Believe

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make Believe

Kiss kiss and make-believe.  Former slaves no longer free.  That’s not me.  I am not free to be.  One or three.  Coarse touches in loving hate.  Touching my body but not my face.  Clean the plate and do not be late to the falling of the city gates.  Wrap yourself in flags and olive leaf.  I still do not believe.  Conceive the intricacies in which to populate the morning news hypocrisies.  More or less punctuating the state of our loose skin and crumbling facade disease.  Unease creeps up into the playground of the democracies.  Where we go and what we know is no longer made up of niceties.  Or the 90’s.  Just drown me or shoot.  Take what I owe, I know I want to leave but there’s nowhere else to go.  So kiss kiss and make-believe.  I will come home soon and scrub it clean.  This festering wound in…

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I Die in the Water – Jasper Kerkau

Yes! Jasper gets it right.

The Writings of Jasper Kerkau


I died again. In the waters as usual. It is always the water. Somehow it all makes sense. It is always the minor things. The minutia that pulls me under. The little, wet idiosyncrasies, stuffed words, distant miscommunication. I die over and over again. Each time, I emerge from the waters, gasping for air. Shedding my wet skin, warming myself by imaginary fires. There is always a new life, new thoughts springing forth from moist soil. But, the disappointment is daunting. The little, sad failures leave me paralyzed in bed, stomaching churning, limbs seized. I stand in the grocery store, gazing at nothing, avoiding mediocre conversations with a neighbor about apple trees. There is a scream boiling up inside me. A smile creeps across my face and I nod, backing away slowly. There is nothing I understand about their world. My days are secret disasters giving birth to revelations, new…

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Unheard Incantations – A Collaborative Poem

The words we cannot say Will be wept Into silence between us (CER) Breathe deep, dear love; Be still with me Listen to my heartstrings A song meant just for you (KMA) Each tear An eloquent elegy To tortured truths (AP) Each note played On a hand carved lute Strung with strips Of my soul … Continue reading Unheard Incantations – A Collaborative Poem

Flat Line

Your hatred had a heart beat Separated from your soul A lifetime ago Why eternally unknown Pervasive pulse Rampant rhythm Powered by purity Found in voiceless vulnerability Negatives burned in my retina Anchored acrimony Breaching bloodstream Contaminating Parasite Tainted tick Last kiss Last trick Vampire bliss Accrued courage Hell-bent Stained survivor Walk under a ladder … Continue reading Flat Line

Everything You Are

Another strong message from DamgedLuna


In life the lines are blurry
And no one will hand you a magnifying glass
All because they know what you’ll do with it.
You’ll smash it on the linoleum, and count all the shards
Matching them up with your wrong-doings
But everything you are is not a mistake.

Everything you are is change.
There is resilience inside of your bones,
And those whispers fall short when you stand.
Bravery is inside your mouth, on the tip of your tongue
Always remember in times of distress
There is a sword inside your iris.

Everything you are is kindness.
Though you are weak during this season
You grab your shovel, as you dig out the others
The others with whispers that have turned to screams
You grab their hands, and carry them home.
There is a warrior’s light in your embrace.

Everything you are is complexity.
You live inside a jungle…

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