Unheard Incantations – A Collaborative Poem

The words we cannot say
Will be wept
Into silence between us (CER)

Breathe deep, dear love;
Be still with me
Listen to my heartstrings
A song meant just for you (KMA)

Each tear
An eloquent elegy
To tortured truths (AP)

Each note played
On a hand carved lute
Strung with strips
Of my soul (JWL)

Your breathless aura
Beats in time
Undulating ululation
With my exhaled psyche (AP)

Intertwined, tangled,
Unified: whole
Healed. (JWL)

Yet with hearts torn open
Bleeding out the notes of our song
You turned from me (ME)

I am fire
In desire
I beg
Save me (1W-W)

Fetch me an instrument,
For the untrained ear
Is soothed by that
Which it cannot comprehend. (LEL)

Not everything is black and white.
For even the eclipsed moon
Is not without a little light. (SD)

Whispers through the distance
I remember
As you reach for my hand
my heart (CER)

Our words
Drip like fire
Into embers
Wanting back
Their flame. (SFF)

The words we cannot say
Will be wept
Into silence between us (CER)

Written by:
Kindra M. Austin
Sarah Doughty
Michael Erickson
Stephen Fuller
John W. Leys
Lois E. Linkens
Aurora Pheonix
Christine E. Ray

12 thoughts on “Unheard Incantations – A Collaborative Poem

  1. That’s a great collaborative write… what a fun idea, very well done!
    Hi there,
    I found my way here through our mutual friend’s blog “The Feathered Sleep”
    As you probably know she is not doing so well. I’m attempting to help our dear friend Candice during her time of need. When you get the chance please follow this link https://www.facebook.com/donate/1885961145056058/1886080781710761/
    and help her out if able. Candice would never ask anything for herself, as everyone that knows her knows she is a very giving, caring person. That is why I’m doing this on her behalf. Thank you.

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