Deadline Extension: Fall Writing Prompt Challenge: “You were meant to know the night”

Originally posted on Brave & Reckless:
So I am pretty bummed out that so far I have only received three submissions to the “You were meant to know the night” Writing Prompt Challenge.  I am hoping that extending the deadline another week may bring encourage a couple more of you to take part.  I hate…

‘Recombinant Selves’ – A Collaborative of 11 writers

Originally posted on A Global Divergent Literary Collective:
We inherit The wordless cry Of all our former Selves (CER) ? They layer themselves upon us ragged cloaks of the homeless dragging at our heels (AP) ? Dusk takes one last breath Swallowing golden specks of us Scattered among the detritus No light reflects From such…

David Lohrey’s Machiavelli’s Backyard

Originally posted on A Global Divergent Literary Collective:
Sudden Denouement Publishing is excited to announce David Lohrey’s collection of poetry Machiavelli’s Backyard. Lohrey’s poetry is rife with dark humor, biting social satire, and paralyzing honesty. His work illustrates that now more than ever, in a world overrun with vapid pop culture, shortened attention spans, and…

Paint the Snow Pink

There is a pain in living For those devoured With awareness We are buried Under frozen ponds Murky muddied memories Where wicked absconds Desperately holding on To waning sun In for the long run Exploring depth Of clouded breath This feeling isn’t new Existing in pulses Ripples and surges Repulsive Reflection Of what I am…… Continue reading Paint the Snow Pink