First Place (Tie) Breath and Bone Writing Prompt Challenge: Breath, Bone, And Blood/1WiseWoman

Thanks to Christine for creating such fun challenges! I’m honored to be included in this group of amazing writers. Please take a moment to check out the other entries, you will be inspired ❤

Brave & Reckless

A planet without an atmosphere

Empty space filled with fear

Wild child

Don’t come near

With your worries and tears

Take it outside


Not seeing anything more than breath and bone

Forsaking innocence

Turning my heart to stone


Can’t find a place that feels like home

Give what’s left

To anyone that felt like love

Seen again as nothing more than breath and bone

Searching for a midnight sun


To a place built on my own

And fill the space

With love and kindness and trust

Bury the past in ash and dust

Secrets hidden within



By this broken heart

Bruised skin

Tired muscles

And a mind that knows

The truth

I am more

Than breath and bone

I write about mental illness and chronic illness. I use a variety of writing styles to incorporate all of the ugly and beauty of living with mental…

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A Few Steps From the Highway

Keep a safe distance You didn’t even insist I dove in backward Shocked and shattered Swallowed a hand grenade Catatonic on the concrete Frozen lemonade Melting ice Smells like candy Modus operandi Skin burning from the heat A few steps from the highway Oblivious to slow decay Sirens saturate sound Deadened by ringing in my … Continue reading A Few Steps From the Highway

First Look: Machiavelli’s Backyard by David Lohrey

New book!

Sudden Denouement Collective

IMG_20170808_125154_618 (2).jpg

I just received my proof copy of David Lohrey’s new book Machiavelli’s Backyard from Sudden Denouement Publishing. It is beautiful book. We will have copies available in the next week. It is a very exciting week for SD. I would like to think those who have purchased Rana Kelly’s book Superstition. We will have the Kindle edition available any day now. We will also be giving away copies of both books. Though we have a lot to learn, we are on our way to becoming a serious publisher of divergent literature. This process has been the culmination of a year’s work. It could not have happened without the love and support of so many wonderful writers/editors.

Jasper Kerkau

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“Gravity” from Rana Kelly’s Book Superstition from Sudden Denouement Publishing

Sudden Denouement Publications first release: Rana Kelly – Superstition. This selection, “Gravity” showcases her amazing talent!

Sudden Denouement Collective

20170730_111553 (2)

“Gravity” from Rana Kelly’s Book Superstition from Sudden Denouement Publishing


My Heart is an Island,
Safe away from society and succor
my Soul is the Sand. Tiny crushed pieces
of earth and skeletons.
Time and death and birth,
endless cycles of
creation and destruction
cushion for your bare feet.
Truly loved and known
Only by the Sea
Surrounding me
See, I am not adrift.
My roots run deep
Under Mariana
And pressured waters
That could crush
Skulls like soft bugs,
The weight that I bear
Hides my core.
It takes millions of all kinds of
Tiny and huge things
Before you can see just my sand
There is no patience
In highways, nor aeroplanes,
I’m here with time.
You may live on me, bury your toes,
Burn your skin,
Cool your fever in my shallows,
Laugh your weekends away
But you go home.
And here I am,
Alone. While…

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