Love this poem by DamagedLuna


I hope you know when I write this
I’m speaking to you
That I’m not screaming anymore
I’ve been ripping myself apart, I’m sure you’ve guessed.
I’ve learned to sew a few broken pieces
This leftover scar tissue feels more like a punishment
Than a savior.

I’ll always be here
You’ll always be there
But we’ll always understand
That sometimes happiness just is not enough
I know when thoughts circle you like sharks, you let them take you
You know I collect my numbers like jewels in my pockets
I know you wish I was different.

You used to tell me if I ever lost you
Scream out your name towards the night
I’ve been screaming ever since, not even the stars answer now
Once more I have been told that I am a little too much
A little too enraged, too closed, too odd
Once more I’ve sent you…

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