A Few Steps From the Highway

Keep a safe distance

You didn’t even insist

I dove in backward

Shocked and shattered

Swallowed a hand grenade

Catatonic on the concrete

Frozen lemonade

Melting ice

Smells like candy

Modus operandi

Skin burning from the heat

A few steps from the highway

Oblivious to slow decay

Sirens saturate sound

Deadened by ringing in my ears

Detonated by too many years

Of breathing toxic smoke

Hint of blood in my mouth

Every time you spoke

All I wanted was to turn around

Get off the ground

Feel the rain on my face

A taste of grace

Body cheating brain

Maybe I am insane

I can hear everything you say

As they carry me away

Don’t touch me

I gotta get out of here

Steer clear

Blasting buccaneer

Concerned citizen

Toxins in my system

False bravado

Chest pounder

My explosion is louder

Are you in or out

A walking dumpster fire

Hell-bent on destruction

Spontaneous combustion

Choking on flames of disagreement

Warped wearisome wrath

Stop roaming in my head

I’m easily forgettable

Entirely unstable

It’s time to say goodbye

Get off the grid

Cut out

Check out

Iridescent irritant

Cheap dates

Cheap rates

Casket ready

I broke up with reality

Always right behind me

A glaring galaxy

Cosmic matter

I’m supposed to be fine

My life is mine

Stress hormones



Homeopathic cure

My tears are pure

Saline savior

I don’t care

It gets me there

Wet hair

Easy chair

Truth requires change

Let’s rearrange

Happiness seems strange

Sticks and stones

Make up my heart and bones

Looking at myself

Comatose creature

I think it’s me

I know the right words to say

And how to find the superhighway





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