The Box

It’s summer, the time when I am supposed to be the happiest. Gardening, butterflies, flowers and all the other things I think I need in order to survive what’s coming. But I hate the way the air feels, with it’s wildfire red sunsets reminding me that the world really is on fire and it’s just…… Continue reading The Box


Everything you will never understand I’ve wished for a thousand times A non-believer Praying to be filled with what I know not And emptied of the same Equilibrium Released from delirium The moon, the sun and the stars Have tired of my voice So I turn to the earth She births hope Cradles death Panacea…… Continue reading Wish

Rana Kelly’s Superstition Book Giveaway Contest

Originally posted on A Global Divergent Literary Collective:
Sudden Denouement just published our first book, Superstition, a collection of poetry by the other-worldly Rana Kelly. The book is available through Amazon. It was a labor of love for both Rana and myself. The process of pouring yourself, your life experience into a book is daunting–and…

Blood Into Ink Writing Prompt Challenge: 1Wise-Woman

Originally posted on Brave & Reckless:
Too much has been taken What wasn’t killed, was stolen What wasn’t stolen, was poisoned Eviscerated, vacant, voided A snake Camouflaged behind closed doors Charmed by power Powered by violence Seize what you need Plant a seed Of destruction With words Lies and betrayal Fury and force It would…