Background Noise

My lawyer died unexpectedly a few days ago. To most people, this probably wouldn't be a big deal. But for me... he was a savior. He helped me during my divorce and all the years of restraining orders and court hearings and restraining order violations. He made me feel safe. He spoke for me when … Continue reading Background Noise

Black Light

The time is now! Amazing writing by S.K. Nicholas.

S. K. Nicholas


In my left hand, there’s a lump of clay. In my right, a cigarette. The days are godless as they are sexless. There are those that worship science. There are those that believe we are reaching somewhere. And yet as I suck down the smoke deep into my lungs, I can’t help but feel as if it’s all just an illusion. We are here, and we know what it’s like to be here, and although I can see and taste and touch the fabric of these days, none of it exists. The pursuit of information is a fine one, and we should never push the ideology of ignorance, but neither should we strut around thinking we’re a gift. There’s balance in everything. Neither one extreme nor the other. Be yourself but know you’re nothing. Be kind but know there’s no reward. Fuck and be tender and praise the one you love…

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Brave Enough

Amazing writing!

Brave & Reckless

Are you brave enough

to love the suicide girl

pierced with silver

dressed in black ink

whose vanity

was shorn off with her hair?

Are you strong enough to drive away

the wolves who worry her door?

Can your words drown out

their mournful howls

calling out to her feral heart?

Are you ready for the demons

who come with black roses

during long dark nights of her soul

whispering their ugly lies

poking her deepest fears with their dirty nails

wooing her to the razor sharp edge?

Or are you just another would-be lover

who tasted death on her tongue

the blood in her tears

and ran?

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