Shining Silver Friend

Nervous breakdown?

I’m unremarkably placid

But I am broken down

So many pieces lost in calamity

A bloody breadcrumb trail

Made from shards of my soul

A being less than whole

Squandered in violence, lies and tragedy


I can feel the heat

Of where it all started

Established in hell

Endured in the inferno

Razor blade friend

Calm washes over me

At the proof of existence

And I can finally breath

As vile spirits rise

Melting into the breeze

Freeing me

From the poisonous pressure

Blood begins to pool

Painting my skin

In a blanket of comfort

I am lighter now

The skin I live in

These bones that ache

This soul that screams

Beholden amenable ally

You warm me

Remind me that I’m still alive

But offer no promise

Of how long I will survive

You know all the right words to say

How to hold me tight

We’ve made lasting memories

Bittersweet scar history

It’s comforting to know

You’ll be with me till the end

Unwavering commitment

My shining silver friend

(Image from Pinterest)


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