Knife to my Back

I found myself

Walking in my sleep

Feet at the edge

A nightmare reality

Making it’s way to the surface

From beyond the deep

My mind a raging storm

Faces and memories torn

Away in a frenzy

Dazed and confused

What’s in my head

Grasping at bits and pieces

I can see a light

But not the source

Yelling and lying

Can I stop dying

The sound of

Breaking boughs

Add to the echoes

Babies are crying

Running and hiding

They are still fighting

Sirens are howling

Who am I following

Searching for believers

Hands tied

You all lied

Macabre marauder

Voices in my head

It’s not your time

I don’t need a mother

Guess I’ll just ride

With my brother

Second guessing myself

It’s second nature

Second skin

If I could just get my mind off it

I’d get a second chance

Take a look at the abusers

In the rear view mirror

Full speed

No longer in need

Knife to my back

Concrete coming fast


(Inspired by The Cranberries “Zombie”)
(Image by Alexander Jansson)

21 thoughts on “Knife to my Back

  1. Dont feel bad there is a Mars Pluto opposition in orb now so its just connected archetypal energies the blog commenter picked up on. This is such a powerful poem id love to see it set to music with cinematic images , though I know it comed fom deep down in your soul…☺

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          1. Sorry, I should have been clearer. I’m just a bit full of it at the moment, as a lot of my family live near that part of London, so I’m watching it unfold with horror daily. I realize you didn’t mean that at all when you wrote it… but the image certainly reminded me of hearing that people jumped out, and threw their children out… I kind of hope people ARE offended: it’s a disgusting result of callous, mercenary political decisions…

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            1. I can’t imagine the terror. I’m so sorry, to you and all of the people impacted. I’ll change the image. I’m not up to date on the details but it sounds like it could have bee prevented?

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              1. Bless you. I love your poetry; it was definitely the image which upset me, and it is indeed just unlucky timing! But I’m only one of many readers… and I just re-blogged someone else’s poetic response to the fire in fact. We all have our contribution to make xO

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                1. I really appreciate you bringing it to my attention and so sorry to have upset you. Had I been thinking of that tragedy, I would have never used that picture. The last thing I want to do is hurt people, especially when they are already hurting so badly. Thank you so much. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending love ❤

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        1. I wasn’t thinking about that when I wrote it so I hope I didn’t offend anyone. That was definitely not my intention. It is such a heartbreaking event. Poor timing on my part. Apologies to anyone who may have been offended ❤

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