“No” slips off your tongue like gravy

How you do that amazes me

I say “yes” because then

I think

Just maybe

I will belong

But for how long

Listen to the creak of the door

Your t-shirt has holes in it but you keep it anyway

I’ve been in your house

Tried to leave something behind

So the thought of me will float in your mind

I can smell the earth after it rains

I wear that perfume every day

To remind me I have choices

When there are too many voices

It’s time for me to go

Into the woods

To live in a hollowed out tree

Sip from a stream

Wet moss and termites

I’m afraid of turning into my parents

I can’t keep my eyes open

So much pain

On every level

Level with me

Are you real

Because I can’t see

Very far in front of me

This lovesick legacy

Has left my heart closed

The wolves are close

It’s the year for fighting

More than ever before

Twigs in my hair

Dirt under my nails

Freshly sharpened knife

My friend for life

End of days

Are near

And I can hear

Footsteps behind me




9 thoughts on “Legacy

  1. I was left on tenterhooks at the end…”I’m afraid of turning into my parents” is a line that has embedded itself into my mind as a child. It’s only right to draw a line where you know you can go so far.

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