Smoke and Mirrors

Divinity reaches down from the sky, or maybe right up through the ground, there really isn’t any way to tell, it happens so fast, the rug gets pulled out from under me, my soul is wearing thin and my heart is quaking from everything unknown. The sun isn’t really rising and setting, we’re spinning around … Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors

Blue Moon & Human Glue

A must read!

S. K. Nicholas


When it gets into me, I grind my teeth and stoop over until my nose bleeds. When the blood trickles through my fingers, I grin and bite and chew and those who get too close are reduced to mere ashes. When the fluid is in my belly one version recedeswhile the other comes racing to the surface. This thing inside of me, it calls out your name. It wants you more than you could ever know. It puts you on a pedestal, makes you an icon. Maybe a jewel. Maybe a lamb. Maybe the lexicon of these secrets that keep bubbling away unseen. And how they bubble and pop each second of every day along with every drop of saliva that drips from my mouth into the palms of these dirty hands so it swirls with my blood and sweat creating portals that resemble the part of your body I…

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