Love, please

Last week, a few hours away from where I live, a white supremacist assaulted two teenage girls on a bus. Three men came to their aid. Two were killed by the hate filled (man). The third was severely injured. My heart aches that this is the world we live in, but I am proud that there were people willing to give their lives for the sake of love and acceptance. It is always the time for love, never the time for hate. Here is a spoken poem from 2013 by the survivor of this hate crime, Micah Fletcher. I hope this young hero, the families that lost a loved one and the two young girls are able to recover and find peace, love and acceptance. My heart is broken…



16 thoughts on “Love, please

    1. Yes, sadly… that guy is 100% evil. I just replied to someone else, saying that there are more good than bad and I hope that I will see the end of hatred like this in my lifetime. Just think if that guy put all that energy into feeding homeless children, something, anything other than simply existing to hurt people. He is trash.

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  1. Sometimes the things that happen in this world, the violence and the hatred, seem impossible to understand. It’s so heartbreaking. Seeing the beauty then can be hard, but you’re so right in celebrating the strength and courage of those that are prepared to stand up against it to protect others.x

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    1. Thank you. I agree. It’s hard to see anything positive about this, but I hope that it brings more people over to the loving side of life and away from the hate. The three men and the two young woman are all heroes and my heart is with them all ❤


    1. It is… I keep thinking I shouldn’t have posted this. It’s too sad. But we have to talk about it. It’s a lot like dealing with our own trauma… you have to face the bad parts in order to get to the good. This has to stop, we can’t pretend it isn’t happening. I’m sorry to have saddened you. There is a lesson about love in this story that will hopefully lead to a larger understanding in our community ❤

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  2. OMG this is a terrible post. Yes, I didn’t want to do the Like button, but wanted you to know I’d read it, and seen your awful pain at such a horrible event. What can we do? Education… kindness… tolerance… all the stuff Trump is threatening… : (

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    1. I know, it isn’t likable at all, just so very sad. Sorry… I didn’t mean to bum people out. This is just so close to home, my daughter lives in that town and rides the bus every day. I don’t know what we can do but continue to educate and model love and acceptance. I feel helpless when it comes to people like that. The good people far outweigh the bad so we just have to keep fighting and teaching and speaking up so that as the generations grow, they will just see people. That kind of hatred will not be tolerated. He needs to spend the rest of his life behind bars because he will not change. I don’t like to get into politics, but it seems like it has gotten worse since T has been around… like people have the green light to hate. Spread the love ❤

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      1. I can’t imagine how scary it is to know it’s happening literally so close to home. It’s important to speak up and out… yet we’ve got to take care of ourselves as well. I hope you’re all feeling OK? Best wishes for tolerance from here in Australia

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        1. Our entire community is in mourning. The young man that survived is speaking about it as are the families of the men that died. It’s horrible that this happened but I do think it will raise awareness of hate crimes and hopefully move us forward. Thank you for the well wishes ❤

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  3. A great post and a powerful video. I can’t bring myself to touch the like button for it though, just because it sickens me to know that even today such narrowminded, cruel and hateful people are still with us. It is indeed very brave and very necessary to stand up to these people.

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    1. I get that. If it were like Facebook, you could click the sad button. It hurts so much to know that this kind of hatred exists. And the hate-filled thing that did this should just be gone from this world. He shows absolutely no remorse, thinks he was completely right and just continues to spout hatred, even from behind bars.


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