Six Feet Under

shadows scorch my skin

from pallid white of what had been

now yellow ochre glistening

against red ruby seeping

teeth contaminate with venomous ash

and time that has passed

I carry their heavy chains clanking

under the moon

dressed to kill

deity of doom

screams buried under metal

tainted with arsenic

raw skin and bones


thieves of sleep

reap my dreams

phantoms pulled into darker depths

burned under the sun


omnipotent paranormal lock down

my own war story

etched in the dirt

of deceit and betrayal

wishing me buried

hell bound necromancy

tell me lies

that become my truth

rolling off my tongue

like prayers to a fraud

of a lost god

multiplying dream team

of low self-esteem

and misplaced judgment

prince of darkness decoy

use me like a toy

eating away princess of light

what wraith of unearthliness

obscured sciomancy

with shrouded angel skeleton



eclipsed my sun

and veracity



dappled with melancholy

mirage mirror

destroyed halo

distorted divination

disembodied vestige

inhabited by the uninvited

begging for resurrection



abject promise

speaks with the sound

of every solemn shovel

shed on my

shrine of soil

infuscate the firmament

shadows don’t exist

six feet under


at last

(Image from Pinterest)

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