Where Did You Go?

For me,  Christine and Dom

Where did you go?

Little one

With your smile as big as the sun

When did running

Change from game to survival

When did hide and seek

Become staying hidden

You were always first in line

Brave and limitless

Shouting from the top of the pines

Who hurt you?

Little one


She says, with eyes on the ground

Where she believes she belongs

Among the dirt and trash

Birthed with the seeds

Of poisonous weeds

Planted deeply in her soft heart

Cursed from the start

She has tired of running

But cannot stay

Not this way

The hurt is rooted

Pain undiluted

And every step is wrong

Remember you were so strong?

Little one

That time has gone

It was taken without permission

By the ones who proclaimed true love

In the shape of fists and shoves

And whispers behind closed doors

Stolen away in lies and betrayal

Reflected in swollen eyes of hazel

Revealed in protruding ribs

Deprived of essential substance

She is truth, seeking justice

Will you come back?

Strong one

I want to

She says, with shaking voice

It is time to make a choice

Take back that which is essential

Bury the inconsequential

Surrounded by passion revealed

Verity no longer concealed

Climb the tallest tree

Know that you are free

Strength beyond bounds

You were lost

Now you are found

(Image from Pinterest)

44 thoughts on “Where Did You Go?

            1. No worries, it’s not too much. That theme is a common one for you, and me too. It definitely speaks to the loss and trauma during childhood and how it impacts us as adults. I hope that writing about it is helping you process. Sending you love and healing ❤

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  1. I cannot fathom the strength it takes to survive abuse. My childhood was bad, but not like that… i bow to your courage and creativity, all of you out there, turning your pain into Art for us all. Thank you, gabrielle

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    1. Thank you Gabrielle. It is very hard. I also ended up in an abusive relationship and I think that was sort of like the end for me… I had managed (I thought) the childhood stuff but the domestic violence put me over the edge. But I’m still here! I appreciate your kind words ❤

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    1. Thank you. Your post and Dom’s post both really hit me hard. We’ve fought our way through way more than anyone should have to and it’s a daily struggle for me. I ask myself this question every day… “where did I go?” Love to you and all warrior sisters and brothers ❤

      Liked by 2 people

        1. OMG Christine! I can’t believe you like it that much… No, I haven’t thought about that at all. I’ll have to read it out loud. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support.

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