Join the circus

Perform for peanuts

Don’t bother me with reality

Dissociation is my comfort zone

The place I like to call home

Fashionable yet comfortable

Life inside a cage

Whipped into submission

Clean out the cobwebs

White-knuckle grip

Frenetic disorganized disturbance

A magician with a magic wand

Monochromatic maniacal music

One hit wonder drug

Saving secretly suffering society

Mystics mesmerizing marionettes

Creepy clowns pantomime people

A ripple effect I never expected

Facebook is my only friend

Merry go round

Bones falling to the ground

Dare devil deconstructed demolition derby

Gotta get to work in a hurry

Car caravan catastrophic collision

Jester jokingly jabs the jugular

You can cut people out of your life

Vain ventriloquist

Gurgling on gypsy blood

Tight rope strangling snake charmer

Poisoning peaceful passersby

Ring leader of the freak show

Spinning in circles

Stimulate the vagus nerve

Viva Las Vegas

God save us

My mind is a madhouse

Get used to it or don’t

Words left unsaid

Voices in my head

Better off dead



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