So long ago

Details are blurred

Most of the evening has been lost

Flirted and drunk into dark recesses

But for the piece of gold

Placed gently in my hands

“I want to go where ever you go”

I thought you meant for one night

But your mind was on forever

Despite my heart of stone

Sentries surrounding my home

How could you see my wounds so clearly?

Somehow you knew the secret remedy

Even when I didn’t

You chose not to use a chisel


That would be too sharp

You cradled my broken bones

Whispered love in tender harmony

Time and trust and soft holding

Until you were able to meliorate my heart

And gently rest it in the comfort of your arms

Protecting it from every shadow

Slowly mending cuts and fractures

I had been lost too long

Bound by the gravitational pull

Of unspoken wraith

Fragile and vulnerable

Made of glass

As years passed

An ambrosial thread grew

I can feel it tugging my heart

Warmed, beating, patched

And it traces back to you

Covered in a golden hue

If only I could see

Through your eyes

Pure crystal blue

The truth of you

Consecrated in me

Undying believer

And fall in love

With her




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