Phantom Friend

How does it feel being a supreme human being

Thank you for being phenomenal

While you steal my flames and watch me stall

True friends are like gold dust

Sprinkling shimmering light through the darkness

While I sit alone soaked in acid rain

You act like this is a game

Impractical joker

I’d like to find someone to blame

Let’s talk about brain control

Hollowed limbs and wooden splinters

Exchange gold dust for crumbling rust

Red tears stain my face

Smooth sailing is a lie

We’re all going to die

Slashed tires

Black smoke of burning fires

This isn’t a spectator sport

Purge your toxic fumes from my throat

Mr. Rogers wouldn’t want to be your neighbor

Don’t bring gum unless you have enough for everyone

Live in a gated community

Take a hike

Safety ranger

Stop wishing and start doing

Failing sagacity

Shallow capacity

Think about all your failures

Just because you’re unconscious doesn’t mean you can’t hear

Afflicted with a sudden case of aphasia

I talk to the shadow of you

Following me during the day

Haunting me at night

When will it end

Phantom friend

You prayed for healing and you got me

Your pain has been removed from your blind spot

And replaced with my face

Rebuild your life now that you are free

American gangster

Renovation nation

(Image from Pinterest)

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