I need another anchor

To help keep me grounded

Open to a new approach

Chanting and praying

Anything to keep me from fading

Falling apart

Walk right through me

Rip open my heart

I’ll take the pain

You get the gain

Love comes at a cost

Calibrated clear vision

Hyper honed hearing

Hawk like precision

See it all

Feel it all

My ultimate downfall

Fighting through

Pretending life is nothing more

Than a never ending masquerade ball

Hope floats

And tangles

In electrical wires

My life is a perpetually burning building

I’m a mystery of modern science

Call in an expert physician

It must be what I’m eating

A vitamin deficiency

I need to get more sleep

Perhaps there’s a lack of faith

Put my fate in the hands of the human race

Let them gently remind me

It’s the little things that matter

Spend the day with someone you love

Right before the sun sets

It’s all an illusion

Constant contradictory chatter

Spotless minded delusion

I’m infected with society

Desperate desire for my saving deity

Amid the ashes

It’s a lost cause

Call a taxi

Shatter the glass

Get the axe

Break out in protest

Break out in tears

Enough to fill an ocean

Suck the last drop of poisonous potion

Blooming is complete

Back to dust

As healed as I can get

Admit defeat

Impaled by my crystal amulet




26 thoughts on “Amulet

    1. Thank you! It’s interesting what pops into our minds when we hear certain phrases. I heard something related to hope floats and that’s the first image that popped into my (slightly deranged) mind 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes it does. I understand as I have both struggles as well. I always try to tell myself it could be worse. But you do get tired and beat down. Sorry you are suffering. I will remember you in my prayers 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I’m sorry you have to know the struggle too. Yes, it could always be worse, that is true. It does get so tiring and hard to accept new limitations. Thank you for your kind words ❤

          Liked by 2 people

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