I know where you’ve been

The reality behind strained grin

Long sleeves

Baggy shirts

Underneath it all is hurt

Make-up doesn’t hide the sign

Emotional decline

Soul damaged and burnt

Confusion and chaos

Not really living

Utterly lost

Weight of your demons

Holding you down

Pretending and hiding

Praying for an end

Or some quick fix

There is no magic trick

Maleficent parasites

Blinding the light

Blood is still flowing

With every heart beat

Your hope is showing

However dim

Time to write your own hymn

Let your tears spill over the brim

Lift you up

Take the pressure off

Your precious heart

You are the start

Leader of the crusade

A new life to be made

Hope is the ammunition

That kept you alive

Take the long way home

Allegiance armored

Harnessed power

Save yourself

Warrior child





18 thoughts on “Ammunition

  1. Hello 1Wise-Woman, beautiful poem. Not sure if you’ve received the Versatile Blogger Award nominee, but I’m nominating you. I will be linking to your blog and it will be posted tomorrow. Congrats! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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