Rotting earth

Dirty fingernails

Blood stained shirt

Silk feels comforting against my skin

Snagging scabs and wearing thin

Throbbing head

Living substance of a thread

In love with the shape of my bones

I can’t go home

Muscle atrophy

Death of agony

Soul separated and quaking

Spiritual awakening

Follow the stars

The shape of scars

In a grave

Empty bottles litter the hollow

Unsure how many pills I’ve swallowed

Dull razor

Dented knife

I left my life

In flames

Ashes blur my vision

Spiritual collision

Damp matches

Last cigarette



No one

Could see

Me screaming

(Image from Pinterest)

10 thoughts on “Flames

        1. It helps me get all the bad stuff out of my head, and it does haunt me… so I release the ghosts. Write a dark one for me please? I’ll try to write a light one. Ah-ha a challenge!!

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