Days get taken away

Lost in the fray

Incognizant replicant robots

Don’t know what they’ve missed

Taken for granted

Sniveling miscreants

Repel any thought of the disenchanted

Time flies when you’re falling apart

Body and mind disconnected

Every moment matters

Radioactive fallout

Hotter than the sun

The world is on fire

Long since abandoned

A bird without feathers

The plane is going down

If you want to get to the truth

You have to dig in the dirt

Walk through the flames

Blood stains on your shirt

It’s going to hurt

Runaway train

Empathy brain

Those were yesterday’s feelings

Today is about hangovers and healing

I need more chanting in my life

My prayer beads are choking me

And I can’t confess my sins

Step up or step out

Devout soul drought

Push through the chaos

Lost among the found

Worship sacred ground

Victory is my joy

Hell boy

Let me tell you about your bloodbath

Helplessly hiding in the aftermath

See you in the rearview mirror

You missed the exit

What realm are you in


(Image from Pinterest)


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