Nightmares are tolerable

Same old thing

Chased and cheated

Trapped and tricked

Falling and failing

Nothing all that terrible

It’s the spiders I can’t stand

Crawling over my legs

Snacking on my neck

I flick them off

Half asleep

Wondering how high the pile will be

One of my favorite things to wake up to

These are the pictures of reality

Let’s get the stories straight

Honorable attempts heeding a warning

Apathetically abiding social norms

I know you have internal storms

Afraid to let anyone in

Omission is a sin

I want to see you cry

Curled up in fetal position

Your house in a state of demolition

What haunts your fake ambition?

We all know it’s a lie

Designer shoes and high end tie

Miles of vacation smiles

Can’t get enough chaos

Impending apocalypse

Pressing against me

Disaffirmation your desire

Make plans to be there

Everyone deserves dignity

Declare a victory

Living with the wild things

Terrorized zoo visitors watch in horror

These things aren’t problems at all

When you ask me if I’m okay

I’ll pull the book off of the shelf

I need you

No matter how good or bad you are

My mind will believe whatever you tell it

I would like to imagine other options

As we come apart

Pray for healing

I’ll come running

Holding a mirror

Didn’t want to see your pain?

Turn around and go back to pretending

Too close to the hot stove

Survival mode isn’t supposed to be permanent

Looming infestation is imminent

I don’t care about how you look

I care about how you see

No filter

Soul sister


20 thoughts on “Demolition

      1. I see a wonderful and courageous woman, talented with words, and brilliant. You should close your curtains.

        I’m kidding! Leave them open.

        Liked by 1 person

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