Doctor’s Orders

My kind, gentle, bubbly pain specialist. All day, every day, dealing with invisible pain, drug seekers, serious sufferers. Yet he saunters in with the same big grin, eager to tell me the latest, non-medicinal updates on pain management. He is so excited I can’t help but smile through my pain. “Plant your feet on the floor, take a deep breath, slowly exhale, drop your shoulders, tune into the sounds you hear, pay attention to how your feet feel on the floor. There!” He exclaims. “You just practiced meditation and got your mind off pain for 30 seconds. Do that every day, as many times as you can.” He’s getting at neuroplasticity. A term I’m quite familiar with and agree with. “What have you been doing to distract yourself from your pain?” I tell him I’ve been writing a blog and he thinks that’s just great… Until I tell him what kinds of things I tend to write about. “No, no, no,” he shakes his salt and pepper head. “Why would you want to put all your pain on paper and keep it? Only positive posts from now on.” We’ll see how that goes…

26 thoughts on “Doctor’s Orders

  1. But if the negative things you have written turn out to be beautiful poetry, if painful, then you are destroying something you’ve created from your pain. I can’t get behind that. Negativity is just as much a part of you as happiness, and you can’t deny it by ripping it up. That seems childish. Embrace it, I say, because it’s at least half of what makes us who we are!

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            1. I do my best to be a patient patient. Sometimes I just nod my head and smile. I like it when I make them think they have a great idea, you know, give them a bit of an ego boost to help them through the day 🙂

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  2. I don’t agree with writing only positive things. Blogging is for writing about anything you want. The good and bad days. People expect us to “stay positive” “stay away from negativity”, well screw that, I say. They haven’t walked a mile in our shoes, so they have no right to spout all that crap.

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    1. I agree! I get where my doc was coming from but I don’t think he understands how helpful it is for me to share my ‘bad stuff’ and get it out of my head, especially because I usually do so in an artistic manner (I hope), which is good for my brain. There are also so many helpful and supportive people here, like you, it can sometime feel like a support group, you know what I mean?

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      1. I’m not 100% sure about this one either. I know it is meant to be helpful and I understand the point (Jessica, I appreciate the support). It’s just not as simple as it sounds. It’s hard to be positive all the time, and there are times when I honestly just can’t. I also believe that it is very important that we don’t ignore our negative feelings. They are there for a reason and we need to learn how to manage them rather than just try to wish them away or replace them with affirmations that we deep down don’t believe. Bad times/feelings come and go, just like good times/feelings ❤

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    1. Me too. He suggested I start writing down the negative things that are on my mind and then tear them up. It makes sense. I also feel like blogging gets it out too. Just have to be careful not to get sucked into staying negative. ❤

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