Where Did You Go – Spoken

The wonderful Christine Ray of Brave and Reckless was kind enough to record my poem. Thank you Christine, it's beautiful! https://soundcloud.com/christine-ray-464639061/where-did-you-go

Love, please

Last week, a few hours away from where I live, a white supremacist assaulted two teenage girls on a bus. Three men came to their aid. Two were killed by the hate filled (man). The third was severely injured. My heart aches that this is the world we live in, but I am proud that … Continue reading Love, please


Join the circus Perform for peanuts Don’t bother me with reality Dissociation is my comfort zone The place I like to call home Fashionable yet comfortable Life inside a cage Whipped into submission Clean out the cobwebs White-knuckle grip Frenetic disorganized disturbance A magician with a magic wand Monochromatic maniacal music One hit wonder drug … Continue reading Madhouse

Find Me

(A re-post because this feels right today) There is no quiet in the wicked night Where shadows are birthed Writhing through sleep shrouded eyes Rousing her into aphotic collection Impelled toward dark thorn forest Seizing her decrepit parody Limbs whip her pallid face A splatter of red Highlights her gaunt essence Believing hue can conceive … Continue reading Find Me

Dream Machine

Adapt Adjust Master manipulator Captain courageous Bodies hidden in the basement Self-effacement Faking a fairy tale Skipped out on bail Constant craving Lil red raven High school shit Cosplaying commitment What are you asking for anyway? Above the fray Tragic temptation Neanderthal nation Designed for safety Fake and flaky I have no problem making a … Continue reading Dream Machine