The End of a Friendship

For a few of you that have talked with me and offered support and encouragement regarding the friend of mine who gave up on me, I ended it today. And thank you to so many of you that stepped up to offer kind words. I had been holding space in my heart for this person, after twenty plus years of friendship, but it was weighing on me, causing me pain, confusion and heartache. I needed an end or an answer and because silence doesn’t solve many problems, there has been no movement, so I created some. I think I made the right decision but don’t feel any relief yet, just pure anxiety and sadness. I know I reclaimed my power and my self protection over how much pain I would allow someone to inflict on me. I can close this chapter. Hopefully one day I will look back on our memories and respond with smiles instead of tears. Her response to me was full of self denial and blame. I honestly believe she is stuck in the death grip of a narcissist. I hope she realizes it before it’s too late. But that is on her, I can’t save her. I can only save myself. Grief is a bitch.



17 thoughts on “The End of a Friendship

  1. My friend this is everything. After my battle I ended a 26 year friendship. (Talked about her in fuck you with love) that shit broke my heart

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