Dose Me

A dose of reality

Gasping for breath

Drowning dreams

Ambushed amygdala

Cemented cerebellum

Hijacked heart

Supine soul

Will my arms to relocate

Caress and count protruding ribs

Prompting pulse check

Resembling week old road kill

Weak unborn duckling

Desperately convulsing out of my shell

Time travelled to hell

I always welcomed

Pain as distraction

What was I thinking

Unwelcome tenant

Wish I could evict you

Waiting for relief to kick in

Morphine memories

Make room for insanity to fit in

Attacked by aberrant anguish

Biology bites

Twisting the truth

Telling me lies

Cadaverous cries

Attempted homicide

Arsenic drip

I didn’t ask for this trip



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