Disgraced human looking for a home

Detached baby crying in the night

Eyes and scars tell the story

Existence hurts

Damaged duo seeking hero

You need something that is yours

Strength in numbers

Agitated and exhausted

Twisted thinking

Leaving the door open

Evil sneaks in

Cancel your plans

Doubt yourself

Carry guilt

If my only job was to re-create

I’d already be dead

Rotting return to rabid residue

Forest covered in a dense canopy

Chalk white bones scream

Socially conscious

Giving saplings the space and nutrients they need

Decades of decay


Joe dirt

Dispute the myth

The risk of violence is small

Rainforest record rainfall

Torrential tears

Hoping one day

My falling apart will fall together

Props and backdrops

Pick the perfect costume

Choreograph lifelong relationships

Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors

Explore your family roots

Look in the mirror

Shed some travesties

Brutal honesty

I need to be found

Disturbed and unsound

Even my spirit animal is deranged

Nothing ever leaves this house

Look who’s stalking now


Rest and digest

Tend and befriend

Fight or flight

Silence is violence

Open casket

Suicide squad

Hound dog


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