Locked inside my room

Hundreds of doors light the way

Mirrored walls reflect illusions

To saving haven happy delusions

I have an overwhelming need to stay

I can’t comprehend

Why anyone would want to leave

It’s terrifying out there

With no semblance of control

Tuck and roll

Tuck and roll

Safety in numbers is a comedy

Let me stay in quiet anonymity

Comforted by my ills

Preachers and psychiatrists and pills

Keep trying to open the doors

Closed for a reason

Always out of season

All I really need is more dead bolts

Years of being smote

Pray for me

Powerful testimony

Save me with sanctimony

Quick sand discomfort

Veiled veneration

Take me to church

Hope the sermon sinks in deep

Blind to the pitted walls

Congealed black plaster

Sediment of a flood

Sentiment of love

Bible splattered with blood

Pews riddled with bullets

I don’t sit right in societal gullets

Ripe with manipulation

Cry among the motions of normality

Herding sheep

Walking in my sleep

You might not of heard

It’s vintage news

Full circle

Make me your miracle

Pseudo savior

Why can’t you hear

I’m comfortable here

Anchored in sadness and fear

The dark closed off space

Away from the race

Sacred shrine

It’s all mine

Can you relate

Give and take

Test the theory

Save the day

Escape my own shadow

I’m not easily seduced

Soul vampire



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