Plastic Girl

Dreams of memory loss
Refractive nightmare replacement
Dismembered and detached
Off and running after sanative spirit and soul
Despite debilitating disease
Just because I’m smiling doesn’t mean I’m not in pain
Screw what the world expects
Social engagement keeps me sick
I’d rather stay home with my 2 packs a day
All I did today was hold myself together
Sonic speed word magic
Causing conversational chaos
Stuttering to stay on the right side of sanity
Or not
Take the humanizing approach
The eyes of others
The lies of others
Darwin’s theory skipped you
Bequeathing borrowed bones
Broken and breached beyond belief
A mismatch between beauty and beast
Try not to overthink it
Locally generated power
Years of research
Rebuilt resilience resisting relapse
Don’t sit in silence
There’s room for improvement
Recover from an abusive relationship
Resulting in a well stocked disaster preparedness kit
Ready for the dawn of the dead
Second skin scaled and scarred
Imprisoned by my own negativity
Honesty is the best policy
Objectification sells
Say your prayers
Get a glimpse
Get a grip
It’s not safe
Your lies will catch up to you
How did you get in my house
Ignored the no trespassing sign
Beware guard dog on duty
Enter at your own risk
Risking it all
Jumped the fence and fell into my faith
I was wondering how inappropriate you would be
Humans just can’t have nice things
Melted into materialistic moron
Turpentine torment
Plastic girl

(Image by Giorgia Napoletano)




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