Rainbow Cake

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

And lonely

Open your heart and your friends disappear

I wanted to make you a rainbow cake

You pushed me in front of a bus

On my road to recovery

Addicted to the adrenaline rush

That was illegal but it’s okay

It’s the right thing to do

Not knowing what I needed

I’m looking in your direction

A matchup to keep your eyes on

Daggers can’t stop my heart

Congealed rage

Razor blades and family curses

Lay at the end of my rainbow

Life is short

Give credit where credit is due

It pays to never give up

Don’t take it personally

I have not the structural foundation to absorb the shame

In my fragmented parts

A reflection of my own limitations

Crossing a tight rope through the chasm in my head

I’m cheating on you

Dash and bash

Yell “cops” at a frat party

Brace yourself

It can’t hurt that bad

If you have a complaint

I’ll just cut it off

It’s unreal and starting to feel like a dream

Inhabit your truth

You will notice changes in yourself

You should be alive to see it


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