The sun strains in whispers

Washed under roars of thunder

Flaming sparks elucidate


Motley limbs scratch their crooked nails

Across the glass summon a monster’s ball

Close the curtains lest they grab hold

Placental encapsulated protection

Birthed in resistance and objection

Insensitive creatures

Breed sensitive souls

Cut them down to discourage growth

Cord poison in my blood stream

Self-deprecation floods my dreams

A master at faking well being

You sold your self

And he’s okay with that

I can’t shake your hand

Understand or don’t

Fearful intention frames the connection

Pathology chooses partners

To bridge the meaning between sardonic stones

Hidden land mines riddle the path

The scenery is flat and brown

I like having multiple sources of pain

So the more painful ones dull the less painful ones

Sometimes calling for self infliction

I don’t want to go back home

What’s left to defend

Your heart is so small

My eyes are on you

Look fear in the face and stand my ground

Mystic sounds

Communicate with ghosts

White swans clean trash from my garden

Angels rest their wings outside my door

I really need you now

Keep chasing the light

Rambo bright


15 thoughts on “Rambo

    1. Tina – the most I could find about the artwork is that it is on a site called WallpaperUp and the site it moderated by Belle Deesse but in the comments, she states that none of the artwork is hers and to do a reverse google search… I don’t know how to do that! I’ll keep trying 😉

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      1. That’s ok, you don’t have to go to all that trouble just for me. I was just curious. It is just so incredible. I don’t know how to do a reverse google search either, so I’m no help.

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