What is this game you are playing

I told you the rules

Blinded by your sociopath

Maliciously misguided

Again you sink your venom

Into my porcelain heart

I’m already emaciated and haunted

By your toxic curse

And failing dream catcher

Deluge of nightmares and tears

Shaking and sweating

Straightjacket struggle

To hold onto sanity

Damn you disrupting

My galvanic gossamer rituals

Enveloped in melodic mastery

I always root for the underdog

Grace the givers

Cull the takers

Let go of the leeches

My truth is love

Standing in plain site

You see through me

A reflection of you

Begging for your life

Drowning in your own doing

I am not your floatation device

Turning around to hug myself

I told you the rules.

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