The End of a Friendship

For a few of you that have talked with me and offered support and encouragement regarding the friend of mine who gave up on me, I ended it today. And thank you to so many of you that stepped up to offer kind words. I had been holding space in my heart for this person, … Continue reading The End of a Friendship

Dose Me

A dose of reality Gasping for breath Drowning dreams Ambushed amygdala Cemented cerebellum Hijacked heart Supine soul Will my arms to relocate Caress and count protruding ribs Prompting pulse check Resembling week old road kill Weak unborn duckling Desperately convulsing out of my shell Time travelled to hell I always welcomed Pain as distraction What … Continue reading Dose Me


I’d be lying if I said I’m okay Today torrential turmoil So full I’m overflowing Lava fields solidify loss Thoughts stagnant in stone Collective torment of the invisible woman Endured and embodied Residue of resplendence washed away Into a massive caldera of an ancient volcano Choking On ashen acid aching Rim collapsing from seismic shaking … Continue reading Home

I Was

Amazing writing, especially for those of us experiencing Eating Disorder. Check out this great new blogger


Whatever was left inside
Right out through the floor tiles

I was cracked
I think
Cracked for so long
All the angels blood slipped right out

I left my wounds open
Far too many days
The demons must’ve seen me
As an invitation
Oozing black tears

I was no longer a child
..The light..
To find solace, I pushed all the brightness away
Letting in a sweet

I was cracked

Tying together all the words of pain
Of regret

Tying them all together
Into a makeshift casing
Pulling them around this skin
So tightly

Keeping all the demons
My companions
In this body

Led by the
The demons chewed apart these

Feeding off the
Surrounding every single molecule
I was nothing but bone.

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If Only

A wolf in sheep’s clothing Pales in comparison Persuasive and captivating Enchanting and endearing If only Some premonition of demoniac possession Brutal beast Savage sadist Throwing furniture and insults A shape-shifter That never left Even after death Haunting from the hereafter Navigating nightmares Destroying dreams Believing I would let you stay If only You just … Continue reading If Only